Monday, August 16, 2010

What Happened... Not a Storm....

No a hurricane did not hit our small town.
Frustration did. Not being able to find what I was looking for in the room of "Gloom and Dispare"
So I decide it was time to find out what books and magazines I had. File all the papers I have saved and put them in the kids file boxes.
We wanted to have a list of the books we own and I had purchased a hand held scanner for cataloguing our church library books.
This is a great gadget. It scans the barcode and then it searches Library data bases to find all the information.  
So I researched where we could make a library listing.
I came up and decided to use
It allows you to add your books to a data base. From there you can print out lists of your collection. You can  chat with other people who own the same books as you do. I don't plan on doing this. But what I want to do is be able to print out a list so I do not buy doubles.You can print off a list of what a author you are following to take shopping. Imagine going to a big quilt show and not remembering what you own or what you want. You can mark books that you would like to own.
The first 200 books are free and then you need to pay $10 for a year or $25 for a life time memberships. We had to up grade to a membership after I entered some of our fiction so we could take lists to the used bookstore on our vacation. Now most of my quilting books are entered.
I hope to have this project done in a few days.

On the quilting side. I did a bit of quilting at the cottage. I got around 12 "9" blocks to give to a member of my monthly quilt group for a hospice she volunteers at. I am trying to give to others as I know how much it meant to my dear friend who sadly received one when she was in a local hospice.
I also finished my "Paul's Turtle Party" this weekend and almost have my great nieces quillow.
I am trying to move out the items that I have been working on for years.

My thought for a day: Organising your stuff is an ongoing process just like your life. I need to learn to accept that the changes are just God's way of getting our attention and helping us reorganize.
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