Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's fun to work on something that you would not really do....

It is fun to work on something that you would not really do...

My DD wanted to get a laptop skin for her computer to protect it while in her backpack on the way back and to campus.  She priced them out at $40. So she knew Mom would know how to make one for a better price.

So  off to the sewing room we went. Her dream and my knowledge.

We or should I say she picked out some fabrics from her private stash. We do not have the same colour palate taste and it does take some wisdom to not make comments. I do not what to squash her dreams and choices. It is a joy to have your only daughter to be interested in what your passion is!

We cut out a piece of the material you use to make fabric bowls and was fusible on both sides. We fused her fabric choices on both sides. She wanted different fabrics on different sides of the envelope like piece we were making.
I then did some quilting using a serpintine stitch from my machine every inch across the surface.

Then we satin stitched the envelope sides and flap.

Here is some pictures of the final project.

We used velcro to close it and it was ready to go to school!

One happy DD. And it didn't cost her anything. (Well she did realize that it did cost mom something.)

Not a quilt but a fun project non the less.

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