Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Computers: Joy or Curse?

My computer crashed on Jan 1. Happy New Year. I was very glad that I had backed up my info just before Chrirstmas but I did lose all my email and address book. I also lost hours....

 -Hours I lost trying to reset my computer.
- Hours reloading programs.
- Hours reloading data.
 -Hours fiddling with programs and having to go to the online help.
- Hours sending the computer to the computer store to help restore what I could not get working and it taking 6 days.
 -And it is still going to take me hours to re do what I thought was not important to back up.

Now I have learned. Back up everything you can and take it to the computer store right away.

Think of the hours I could have spent sewing?

Oh well ... instead of surfing blogs I spent the time getting Dear Jane block kits ready for our trip to Florida in Feb. I figure I will get some done in the 40 hours spent in a vehicle.

Never will I travel during Presidents Week to the US. The flights from Toronto to Orlando go up, up, up.
Still the drive will be an experience.

Tonight I hope to take some pictures of my Dear Jane blocks done so that I can show a few of my favorite ones and keep a visual record of what I have done. I will share my favorite ones.
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