Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Momentary Glitch..... Personal Technical Difficulties

All my good intentions to post regularly went out the window.

First we had my hubby's 50th suprise birthday bash. It went well and he had a lot of fun!

Next came our trip to Margarita Island. Good friends, Good times, so so resort experience. It was interesting to visit but I do not have to go back....

Home again. Thought I would be rejuvinated but ended up with a bug and a very upset system....

But I am finally feeling well and back into the swing of things.

After a rough 2009, my good inspritation buddies and I intend to make this the year of Creative Inspiration.

So while I was away I snapped a few pictures for my inspiration book.
I don't intend to make a medallion quilt but this was very inspiring.

Mosaic tiles from the main buffet dinningroom.

These were some wall hangings in the hotel. These were commerially made and I am sure not on the island. You couldn't ask because not many of the staff spoke enough English to communicate with us and out Spanish was almost non existant.

Now I am eager to begin anew. Isn't great that we can have a new start everyday.
Tonight I am off to start a webdesign class at a local Highschool. This is part of my learn something you have always wanted to do list. I don't think I will have need for a website but it can never hurt to have the information and I am going with a friend.
Need to be off to work. Supper is made and life is good.
By the way this is the day my Beloved Hubby and I got engaged 25 years ago. We like to tell people that we got engaged on the most romantic day of the year! Groundhog Day!  Still love you honey - even more than I did then! How about a muppet movie tonight when I get home!

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