Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year - New Goals!

2010 is a new year. This is the obvious but it is . It is a great time to have an new outlook. This year is going to be a different year. I am searching for the happy. Sewing makes me happy. Saturday I was happy. I got to sew for 4 whole hours! (I lost interest in sewing last year. Too emotionally tired.)

In my four hours I 

1. Made quilt sandwiches to practice machine quilting. This is something I have always wanted to learn. It is going to take some practice. I do not have an extension table so it was kind of hard to contro. So a new goal is to save for one. Meanwhile I can play.

2. I made one prenatal quilt. Yeah!

3. And I got to work on my "Turtle Party" quilt. It is a pattern by Elise Wilson from Elise BackPorch. I am making for a very dear friend.

The material was picked out especially for him by his wife. She was very ill at the time and passed away in March of 09. It was to hard to work on it this past year. I miss her greatly but now I want to finish it for her and for him. I have all the turtles done and am now sewing the outside blocks. They are all done with 2 inch finished 1/2 square triangles in a 6 inch block.

I found this pattern by watching Elise Wilson on QNN tv and QTV online.

Don't you just love watching all the quilt shows on line? I used to subscribe to QNN but I need to cut back on expenses for awhile and I just wasn't watching it as much because I find I am not home as much.

So blog world it is my goal to write a few times a week about what I am doing sewing wise and what is inspiring me.

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