Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fabric Embellishing - the Basics and Beyond....

Month Two of our group meeting to go through the book Fabric Embellishing - The Basics and Beyond.  Liz Kettle Textile Evolution has a free class to follow the book so we are making use of that as well.

Check this great resource out. (I receive no compenstation or am affiliated in any way with this book or the authors accept I love the book! )

I have books on order for everyone so it will be nice when we all have a copy. By the end of this journey we will all have been exposed to all the techniques and may have a better grasp of what we like to do. Some may take it farther then others but that is the fun of it!

I have split the group into an afternoon and evening group because it makes it easier on space.  Only so many can fit around my kitchen table.

I have to admit after a tiring week and weekend this past week I did not feel at my best but no one seemed to mind. The reason behind the group remains to help us share info with others. I like the idea of sharing knowledge because it makes us feel more of a community and less of a competition of artists/people. It also inspires me to keep doing.

It helps me to focus on being positive when negative or sad things happen.

This month we tackled bubbling and scrunching and tucks.

Here are my tuck samples ....
                                  Plain tucks, to gridded tucks, to tucks that are manipulated...

                                          Pin tucks that are more free flowing and organic. Front side.

Back of the sample above. More subtle line making than the front. 

Radiating pin tucks stitched first around a blank circle center and the center twirled around to flatten the sticking fabric. 

Back of the radiated pin tucks. Once again a more subtle line with the twist of the center circle. 

I think I like the backs of these pin tucks better than the front.  What about you? 

Here are some bubble samples...
Light Weight Silk

                                           Light weight silk, batik, hand dyes... (from upper left to lower right.)
                                                        Close up of the two hand dyes.

I think I want to try the bubbles again but use the back of the piece as the front. Just to see the difference. 

My scrunch samples are still in the panty house waiting drying time.

My goal is to put the samples in a format of a binder for future reference and to use a couple of techniques this month to the finish of a small piece.

I am also looking around for some other ways to manipulate fabric so I am going to "pinterest" away so I can add a pinterest board for fabric manipulation.

Meanwhile here is some info I found on fabric manipulation....

Fabric Manipulations

Websites with more tutorials

This website has a tutorial with links to 40 + ways to manipulate fabric and put into a quilt block. Many could be used in art quilts. And 5 you tube videos on fabric manipulation

This web site has three fabric manipulation tutorials

Interesting Examples of contemporary smocking techniques

 Do you have any great examples of way to manipulate fabric?  Do you use fabric manipulation in your work or rely on piecing? 

Always interested to know! 


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