Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Weekly Sum UP....

Blogging regularly has been my goal. My online journal of what I am doing in my arty craft world.

I really haven't made it weekly even yet!

But I am going to really take the guilt out of it and make it at least a sum of the week.

Lately or maybe even for the longest while my personal goals of where I want to go with my work have not been met.

People talk of dedicated time to their work. Blocking off time and letting nothing interrupt time in the studio. You need to take time for you! - All true.

However, (I refuse to say but anymore unless I slip up! ) maybe that is not wholly who I am. For me I have been struggling with the needs of others and the needs of me... and trying to make art for my own need.

I love reading blogger Elle's blog - Elle's Place She blogs about her creative journey and all the other things that make up her life. Home, projects, farm, helping home school, unscheduled plan changes.
She has been trying to incorporate the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Sweetie (I like that word better than Stupid that is used sometimes in the world)

It helps me to remember to take the simpler route when needed. Because I have found my life never has a set routine.
Health issues will always be there- but I am not going to let it define who I am.
Family - Will always trump making art.
Friends - Always will be at the for front
Strangers - Are put in our path

I don't want to be the person who rushes past.

Does this take energy? Sure does. Do you always get a pay back? No you don't and nor should I do something for that reason.

So I am adding to my list of how to be... I am going to try to KISS life and take the Doris Day Method.. Que, sera, sera what ever will be will be, the future is not ours to see, Que, Sera, Sera!

So what have I been up to this week... was a change of plans. And while it was not a fun or wanted thing to do it was what I needed to do.

So I will share with you the projects that I was able to work on while I was off doing the unfun things.

Plain old knitted squares. I knit on them when I am tired or waiting. I have done alot of waiting the past while. These will be donated to our regional cancer centre. 
And on the right are my bending stitch circles from my Judy Martin class in September. This is handwork for tired times and waiting as well. These projects are easily picked up and set down. 

11pm last night. The last paint and stitch was done on the Halloween costume of one of my favorite people. No I won't be a Timbit Box for Halloween but I know a young lady who is going to be thrilled with our finished project. 

And lastly a surprise from my wonderful super family in Vermont. The door bell rang and here was a great surprise! I didn't make it but it sure was great! 

Linking up with the needle and thread network. Hope you had a wonderful week creating. 


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