Sunday, March 13, 2016

Fibre Content 2016

Fibre Content is a Biennial Fibre Art Show. It is hosted at the Art Gallery of Burlington this September 8th  to the 18th

My good friend and fellow Fabrigo Robynne Cole is assisting in running the show with Dwayne Wanner Co Rep of SAQA Central Canada.

April 1st is the opening of the Call to entry below.

You may see some posts and cross posts here as I develop continue working art for possible  entry for this show.

I am also going to be hanging out on Facebook on the Fibre Content Facebook page as we add information about the show, entry to the show and profiles of artists.

I hope you have a chance to follow along as you will see some great information and artists coming up on  Fibre Content 2016 on Facebook and our website Fibrations Fibre Content 2016


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