Saturday, March 26, 2016

I have been making...

Absence makes the heart grow fonder... that is the old saying. 

In this case absence make for making more art. 

I have been prepping a workshop on Thread Bowls and items on Dissoluble Stabilizer. This I will be presenting to the Stoney Creek Quilting Guild in Stoney Creek, Ontario next week.  I also will be the guest speaker on Every One is Creative! This is a great opportunity for me a newbie to teaching and speaking. I know some of the people in this guild and they are kind, generous and funny so I know I will be in good hands. 

Prepping a workshop is a lot of solid work and research to do but is wonderful for learning the ins and outs and how something works. 

I have prepared one other workshop before on Lutradur. This I gave at the Burlington Fibre Arts group in 2014 and at the same time I shared it on one of my favorite

I don't claim I am a expert but I have found many ways not to do something in my experiments and I think that is as valuable as being perfect. 

So here is a sneek peek at a couple of samples... 
Bowl shape all sewn and ready to put in water to dissolve the stabilizer.
Leaf shape stitched and cut out of thread made fabric using this technique with stabilizer dissolved.

What else have I been up to?

My seventeen ways to use sari fabric given to my fellow
You can check up on my progress on this challenge on our blog above.

And trying to finish up a quilt from a workshop given by the Grimsby Quilters Guild 2 years ago. It is a quilt that I am calling loosely - Red and White and Black All Over.
 Other things are in the works for this girl... Some will hopefully fulfil part of a dream of mine. 
But more to follow when the time is right. 

Do you have a favourite dissolvable stabilizer? 

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