Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 1st and Lutradur

This is the month I have committed to explore Lutradur on the andthenwesetitonfire blog. I hope you pop over there to read the posts this month. Pass the link on to your friends. At some time I will be giving away an e book verison of Leslie Rileys book on Lutradur by C & T publishing. 

I am excited and nervous of the response. But my friends will be there along side me with their work. 
Leslie Riley author of the book will be answering questions. What a generous person to respond yes to my request. 

Amongst the workings of all things Lutradur in my basement there has been work going on with other pieces. A piece that I am doing with my fellow Fabrigos for submission to Fibre Content 2014. And guess what my portion will have Lutradur in it. 

This is a picture of part of what will be used in the piece. It won't be exactly in this form but will be there. 

Meanwhile Spring is suppose to have come to Canada... I live in the Niagara Region and we are in an area where tender fruit and grapes are grown. It has been raining on and off for days and we haven't had much warm weather yet. So I am hoping that April showers lead to May Flowers. 


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