Sunday, May 25, 2014

Information overload... bring it on

I have been so busy over at andthenwesetitonfire blogging that I haven't made it here to much. 

But I think through blogging regularly this month I have confirmed that I just love to learn and create. I also like to share. Writing does not come easily for me so I will have to learn to write less and give more pictures. 

My hubby is the greatest. He has been so patient with me and the commitments and other things that interrupt our lives. 

His greatest thing is to read and to listen to Great Courses.
coursesthese are cd's or dvds that are actually like university coursed taught by professors. \

I listen to some but others I will never watch. Like the physics or math is fun ones. 

I do have a photography one that is next on my list to do. 

But then my wonderful hubby let me buy all the Colourlicious DVDs

Not only did I get 

but I got these too! 

Now I can experiment away! Plenty of fodder for the blog. 

So in June I hope you follow me down the path of Sun Printing over on the andthenwesetitonfire blog

And some finishing!!!! of projects!!!! 

Off on an adventure of play.


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