Sunday, April 27, 2014

Whats up? Lutradur

Whats up? Lutradur...

This is the subject that has been keeping my mind busy for months. As a guest on for May on it has been a busy winter for me. Making samples, reading, watching, procrastinating... Working three days a week was not in my plan when I suggested this topic and agreed to do it. But I have found out that I don't mind working as admin help where my husband works.Who knew...

But I also find it hard to fit in everything else I have to do or want to. My hats are off to women who are creative and work full time and have families. I don't know how you do it. Balance. This is what I need to find. There are just to many interesting things to do in the world...

So be prepared to head on over to andthenwesetitonfire for the month to see some great and interesting things about Lutradur.

 Lesley Riley who wrote the book Fabulous Fabric Art with Lutradur is joining us for some questions and answers. 

Linda Matthews is joining in for some information on ink aid and Lutradur. 

Elle  is hopping in from the coop to show her progress and journey in creating... 

The Fabrigo's my small art group was game and played a day at my house. They are going to show you some of their results. So thanks Karen, Robynne and Al. You guys make me laugh and inspire me. 

Meanwhile here is a teaser.... somewhere in the month we will be giving a digital copy of Leslie's book by C & T publishing.

Hope you enjoy the journey.


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