Thursday, October 5, 2017

This week ... Indigo and Eco dyeing

This week...indigo and Eco dyeing.

This has been a busy week. Saturday my daughter and I did some indigo dyeing. First time for me. Second for her. For once she beat me to learning something! We both have used different types of shibori with regular MX dyes but hadn't used Indigo. It was a prereduced kit from G and S dye in Toronto.
Here are a couple of snaps to show our results
Here I was Eco dyeing on Tuesday. Doing a workshop for my husbands family Girls day out (by request). Need to know what to do with what I have. Loved the results on silk and on cotton as the iron blanket.
And here I have one of my dyed scarfs with my jewelry in the same tones. A complete package. Hope to get these into a co op soon.

Have a great week. Much going on in the studio aka house right now.
Hope to link to the Needle and Thread Networks. 
Have a great Thanksgiving! 
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