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It's been a long time baby.... and now I am percolating!

It's been a long time baby....

It really has been a long time when it has come to blogging.
After our wonderful family trip last fall things have gotten terribly hectic and I have lacked the energy to do much...

My never ending computer problems, working 3 days a week and my fibromyalgia have whacked me out. Have you ever just not had the energy to think?

I think I just gave up for awhile.

But it is time to pick up my socks and soldier on.

So what is the plan this year.

Work on some projects that have been sitting around. I have decided that work in progress- WIP or UFO's  make me feel guilty.  No more! They are now pieces that are percolating.  You know the old coffee makers that went on the stove. Sort of like that my pieces are started and put in the maker and need to bubble and boil for awhile till they are done.

There are my own Percolating Projects...

Traditional Quilting Projects

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