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Merry Christmas... and

Christmas is a special time of year. For our family it includes presents, friends, gatherings, family and attending services. We attend services at our own church throughout the year but this year we attend services at a friends church because we were invited. And today we will attend services with my mom at my childhood church. Very different services. One very contemporary... video, song, dance, praise team. One traditional. Organ, communion, reflective. Is one service better than the other? no just different.

I am trying to be more open in my thinking. Inclusive, outreaching, reflective, quiet, attentive, less words spoken . I always feel that I need to talk, respond to something that I am told. A confirmation story, advice or just plainly my point of view.

Often people pick a word for the year. Today it came to me that if my intention is to do the above I need a word to match.  The words that come is "be still..." Not be still and do nothing but more of a be still so th…