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Fabric Paper Play....

Making fabric paper is like going back to grade school art class! I covered my table in the laundry room with plastic and began... 
Using my Creative Explorer instructions I first did the easiest technique using muslin, fusible and tissue paper. 
Next I made the rigid fabric paper... 
I made several types of paper. 
This muslin + tissue paper with a fabric dye product called Colourvie

This is muslin + tissue paper + stamping with staz on ink.

This is muslin +tissue paper + craft store acrylic paint. 
Muslin + tissue paper + cheese cloth. (Not coloured yet)

Muslin + tissue paper + dryer sheets. (no colour) 

 I am keeping a note book with my experiments.  The possibilities are endless. And lots of fun to play with glue! 
It is fun to be a creative explorer! (Even if this is January's project! )

Fabric Paper...

Today I play...
I am going to for go laundry and cleaning...
Fabric paper is the order of the day.
We will see what we come up with.
( the we is the creative muse and I)
I will add in pictures.
The techniques I will use are from Linda Mathews Creative Explorer Club and a recent workshop that I took from Roberta (I need to find out how to spell her last name)
Time to play....