Monday, April 16, 2012

Fabric Beads and more

Over the past few months I have been playing with making fabric beads.
It has been fun and is something easy to do while I watch tv or when I am in the car (not driving as passenger).
After surfing  you tube to find out how to do it and watching a few video's I have made some beads. I have found that I do not like to use glue to hold them together. I have been using some double side sticky tape I bought at an art supply store. I have been using up my batik cotton scraps that I have been saving.
Here is the result.

And after adding some sparkly thread which I wrapped and stitched on again because I do not like glue.

And then I made some earrings.

And then I got hooked on making yoyo's (not the wooden child's toys) out of fabric scraps using my "Clover" yoyo makers that I bought sometime ago.  So I made these.

I am not sure what I will do with the yoyo and beads but I love the colours.  For now I will just make them for fun. 

I am enjoying wearing the earrings. 
Now to figure how I want to use them in a necklace. 

Great things to make and use in the future. 

Resources:    Kristal Wick - author,  video's, books and beads  Linda Mathews. This months tutorial from the Creative Explorers club of which I am a member. I can't wait to try our some of the techniques in it. 

Fun to play. 

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