Monday, September 19, 2011

Made it Monday...

I don't just sew...
I have to find portable projects that I can work on in the car, for watching TV with my family or when visiting with friends at the cottage like we did again this weekend.
It is absolutely wonderful that we have such good friends to spend time together at the lake.
This weekend I made these fingerless mittens for my DD and started a pair of my own.
The pattern is a Churchmouse Classic which I purchased at my local favorite yarn and quilting store The yarn for the finished pair was from left over yarn that I made a hat and a scarf for my daughter. I doubled the yarn because it was quite a bit thinner than this green wool. The green wool is so soft!
So now I have made two pairs of these gloves for DD and I have almost finished the first glove in my own pair.
I also make some stamps out of fun foam and can't wait to try them.
And I did about 10 blocks of my nieces quillow in between loads of laundry and making dinner the other night. They are nine patches I am going to cut to do the ??? (mind blank on the name lol)
Off to work to be able to afford more fabric and wool...

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