Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Another Wednesday has rolled around. I have missed a couple of weeks posting because I have just been incredibley busy! I feel like this is my first day at home where I can give myself permission to do a task that is not time sensitive.

I have decided to take a leap of faith.

As my blog will show I bought a Babylock Tiarra over a year ago. This is a great machine. It is  a sit down midarm machine for quilting. At the time is was a good fit for me because I felt it would be a boon for my art quilting as I could use the large throat space to thread paint and quilt larger quilts then on my domestic machine. And it is/was.

My problem came with my severe headaches and back problem issues last year in April. Since then I have had a fall (balance issues) and found out I have disc deteriation in my spine in many of my vetebrae and that is normal they say for my age... (54) but I also have a stenosis in my C4/5 area and a disc problem in my lunbar area. Add in a dash of arthritis and curved spine with Fibromyalgia and I have become a bundle of inflamation.

I am working on the things to do to make life more manageable but I have to limit my sit down sewing. And I love my sewing!!!!

An hour is about all I can manage before pain rears it ugly head.

So an opportunity came up to buy a stand up long arm on sale and my wonderful husband said you need to get this so you can keep on with the work you love!

The Tiara makes the work easier but makes the quilting of the larger quilts that I was sending out even easier for me. No strain on my neck from bending it and no slumping of my shoulders.

So now I have my Tiara 2 Babylock up for sale.

If you know anyone who may be interested in Southern Ontario it is a deal. It really works like a charm. I have it posted on Kijiji and Craig's List or message me for details.
Please pass this on to anyone who may be interested. They have come out with the Tiara 3 but there is very little difference and I had added the Tru stitch regulator and the overlay table.

I am not panicking about selling it but the funds do have to go toward the new machine. I can't work at my secretarial job anymore because I can't sit at a desk and work on the computer for an 8 hour day.

What else is new in our house... my husband is retiring.... so we have to learn to live with each other more hours in a day. I don't think we will find this to hard. We miss each other after a long weekend. Up until last April I worked in his office for 3 years and we loved it!

He will have some new adventures and probably will do some work or consulting in a year. He is head tired and needs a sabbatical but in his line of work you can't get one. lol

So I have no sewing to link with this week to the needleandthreadnetwork but a sewing machine instead.

The sewing room is changing looks... I have to take over the whole  basement now which we had stuffed with stuff. Slowly I am reclaiming space to sew. I need to start on baby sheets etc for our first grandchild coming in July!

Time to get to work and work smart so I am not in pain for days after.

Have a great week! And what if anything did you find indispensable for your children, nieces/nephews and or grandchildren to have sewn by you?

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