Thursday, September 12, 2013

Where have I been...

I really haven't been far since March.. I just have been on Sabbatical from  my creative side.
My DS1 was getting married. Showers, dresses to be made for the bridal party, a carnival instead of a stag and doe, vacation, water in my basement, working for my hubby's company temporarily...
Time has flown by. DS1 is now married... I am only working one day a week... house is back in order. Just my canning to do. Time to rethink again. What do I want to do when I grow up?

Here is a snap of the beautiful bride.

With the equally adorable flower girl my great niece.

and a random shot of the bridesmaids

and the happy couple.

Wishing this couple Gods blessings on their lives ... and the strength that they will need for their live journey. 

Love you guys! 

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