Monday, May 31, 2010

Quilting Arts....

I am an info junkie....
I have decided I do not have to do anything with that info - just enjoy it.

I was given a couple of Art Quilt  books for Christmas from one of  my Craft Night group members. (There are officially three members who meet every other Thursday as schedules permit with my daughter as affiliate member when she is home from school.) From these books I have leaped into picking up a few used copies of Quilting Arts Magazine. From there to signing up to an online subscription. Will I ever do all these things. Probably not. But what inspiration and a whole lot more reading content than some other magazines.
Quilting Arts is a beautiful magazine from Interweave Press. They also have alot of content on line and YouTube.
They also have some neat e-books you can down load for free.

Sew many techniques Sew little time.

Just for Today..... I have decided it is better to make quilting the focus of my mid life crisis than getting rid of my messy family. In the long run it will be cheaper......
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